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Your Right to Privacy - Our Promise of Security

Your orthodontist has contracted with Sesame Communications to use our technology to provide you with the ability to view your appointment and account information via the Internet on a password-protected screen. Our technology also generates and automatically sends reminder notices and information from your orthodontist to you via email. Sesame Communications may change its Privacy Policy from time to time when we change our procedures or update our technology, so please re-visit this web page periodically.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information does Sesame Communications collect and how is this information used?

Name and Email Address:

Registration for the Service consists of inputting your first and last name and email address (es) into the PC that Sesame Communications has installed in the waiting area of your orthodontist's office.

Your Account Information:

The Service can access your orthodontist's database of patient information. As a result, Sesame Communications will know your name, birth date, appointment history, future appointments, payment information and health insurance information ("Account Information"). Sesame Communications will not have access to your medical and orthodontia records. Your medical records are confidential records between your orthodontist and you.

The Service will use your Account Information to automatically generate and email notices to you about appointments and other information from your orthodontist. You can also view your Account Information on a password-protected, secure page on your orthodontist's web site by clicking on the "Patient Login" button.

Tracking Information:

Sesame Communications' server automatically gathers traffic data about users using the Service. This traffic data does not personally identify you to Sesame Communications. Sesame Communications may periodically analyze the server logs to optimize web site navigation, help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer your orthodontist's web site.

Do you collect information from children?
Sesame Communications strictly adheres to the federal regulations enacted to implement the Children's On-line Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA"). We collect only the most limited amount of information necessary to provide the Service to all users, including children. For more information about COPPA or to read the full text of the statute and the federal regulations, please go to
Sesame Communications will never sell, trade or assign any information about you to third parties, such as mailing houses, insurance companies, market research firms, or advertisers.
How does Sesame Communications protect my information from loss, misuse or alteration?
Sesame Communications employs security measures that are consistent with industry standards to protect the loss, misuse or alteration of information about users of the Service that is under our control.

Encryption Technology:

Any connections to your Account Information from your orthodontist's web site will be made through a secure connection that is validated by your user name, email address and the password given to you by the Service. All information transferred during every session, including your Account Information and your password will be encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology. In addition, your Account Information will be encrypted when stored in Sesame Communications' database. To ensure that your sessions are encrypted, look for the "https" in your browser's address bar before or the browser's "secure site" icon during your session. If you do not see the "https" (be sure to look for the "s" following "http") or the secure server icon, log in to your Account Information again.

Internal Restrictions:

Our web site administrators continuously review the integrity of our security measures. In addition, we limit employee access to your Account Information on a "need to know" basis. Only employees with a valid business reason related to providing the Service will have access to your Account Information. We train all of our employees about the importance of confidentiality and our policies and technology regarding privacy and security.

Can I opt out of providing information to Sesame Communications?
You can choose not to use the service by NOT entering an e-mail address into the system. If you request your orthodontist to block your record, none of your personal information will be available on the Internet.
Can I change my information or discontinue the service?
You can change your email address when you log onto your orthodontist's web site by clicking on the "My E-mail" button on the web page. You cannot change you Account Information through the Service. If you would like to make changes to your Account Information, call your orthodontist's office directly to alert them to any changes that should be made to your Account Information stored in your orthodontist's database.
What constitutes my acceptance of this Privacy Policy?
Your registration for and use of the Service constitutes your consent to our use of your email address and your Account Information in connection with providing the Service to you. Sesame Communications reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time, so be sure to review this Privacy Policy periodically. Your continued use of our web site after the date that changes to the Privacy Policy are published on your orthodontist's web site will be deemed to be your agreement to the changed terms.
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